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China Aviation Recruitment takes the guesswork out of
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This page is dedicated to showing the pilot the recruitment and application process from first contact with China Aviation Recruitment to flying on the line.

Typically, a pilot will contact us from an ad on a job boards or by word-of-mouth. Our ads generally explain what aircraft we are currently recruiting for and what the requirements are.

The pilot candidate will read what we have to offer and make contact with us to ask further questions or to begin the application process.

Once you have made the decision to apply, you will need to visit our Quick Apply page, and complete our application.  After doing so, we will review your information and contact you for more information if you meet the basic criteria for one of our job openings. In most cases, that information will include a color copy of your Passport (photo page), a color copy of your Pilot Licenses (front and back), a copy of your Flight Medical, a copy of the last six pages of your Logbook, a copy of your last PC or Simulator check and a copy of your English Proficiency Certificate (if English Proficient is not on your Pilot's Certificate). It's important that you gather and send each document so that we can submit a complete package to the appropriate Chinese Airline.

siging your contract Most of the documents can be quickly scanned and emailed to us. However, it's important to remember that your License's and Passport MUST be sent to us in color. If you do not have access to a scanner for this, you can always take photographs of these documents with a camera (smart phone) and email them to us.

Once we have received all documents and your application package is complete at which time it will be reviewed by our China office and then hand delivered to the appropriate airline.   Now your Application Package will be reviewed by Airline and the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC).  The Chinese Airlines have an excellent safety record and takes the approval of its pilots very seriously.  The approval process from the airline and the CAAC may take between 1-2 weeks depending on the workload and holidays.

Once approved by the airline and the CAAC,  you will be notified by phone and by email.   The airline will then forward your Application Package for security and background checks.  This process takes a little longer, approx. 2 weeks. This is because they have to verify and confer with numerous other government agencies, including your home country.

China Southern Airlines When you arrive in China, you will meet with airline representatives for screening. Following the screening, you will be asked to show proficiency and safety in a simulator evaluation, take the Chinese ATPL written examination, and CAAC medical examination. The screening may take around a week's time. During your Simulator Evaluation you can use your current or previous airlines procedures and callouts.

Upon successful completion of the screening and simulator evaluation, the airline will authorize China Aviation Recruitment to hire you.

After completing company procedural training, you will
begin your exciting airline adventure!

Welcome to your new airline adventure!


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